How to practice – Trills

Todays short blog post will be a few tips and tricks for getting those trills in tip top shape! If you didn’t catch last weeks post, you can find it here; I went over the common trills you see in music, and how to play them.

Now, How to practice trills!

  1. Hold that note! Hold a note down with one of your fingers (lets say finger 2), and while it remains held down, tap the note beside it quickly over and over. Do this with every finger on your hands to strengthen them, and make them more flexible.
  2. Black VS White: Using fingers 2 and 3, put fingers 3 on D. Switch between playing DCDC and DC#DC#; then try using fingers 3 and 4.
  3. Don’t forget your left hand! Do all the above exercises with your left hand as well.

Have fun mastering some speedy fingers!!

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