It’s almost that time again!

Fall lessons are just around the corner, and there are so many exciting things happening this year, I can hardly wait to get started!

For those students who are returning, you will remember the 60 second club challenge and the amazing race (a new, updated version!) which will be beginning again in the fall. However, this year I’ve added an entire BOOKLET of challenges you can take on for prizes and delicious treats!! Also, my fun music library has expanded for both piano and voice lessons, so students who regularly practice their assigned repertoire will be rewarded with a week off with fun music to learn every once in a while.

There WILL be a Halloween recital (dress-up mandatory :)!), date TBA, and our Christmas recital will be scheduled sometime on the 2nd or 3rd weekend of December.

Parents are also reminded of the missed lesson policy: I am required to make up or refund any lessons I miss. Student missed lessons are not required to be made up, and while I do what I can, do to the sheer number of students I have, I can only make up ONE STUDENT MISSED LESSON per semester, excepting rare circumstances, which I encourage you to speak with me directly about.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

I look forward to another wonderful year of music making!

-J Crawford

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